Healing Chronic Pain 10-Week Skills & Support Group

I'm ready to be out of pain!

You are beyond frustrated with being in constant, chronic pain.

  • You've seen all the specialists.
  • You've taken medications.
  • You've had procedures.
  • You've spent so much money.
  • Your relationships have suffered.
  • You are afraid of being active.
  • You have a difficult time working.
  • Your world has become smaller.
  • You've been told "it's all in your head."
  • You've exhausted options and don't know what to do next.
For only $49 per group, the Healing Chronic Pain Skills & Support Group can help!


You learn effective skills and tools to get to the ROOT of pain and change the pain wiring in your brain. 


You get individualized expert coaching to guide you in making the tools work in your life.


You're supported by people who really understand the struggles of living with chronic pain.

This group can help people with all kinds of chronic pain to include:

back pain



neck pain


piriformis syndrome

trigeminal neuralgia


unexplained numbness/tingling


interstitial cystitis

10-weeks of one-hour virtual meetings

  • Tuesdays at noon (Eastern Time)
  • Beginning Septemer 14, 2021
  • Only $49 per group meeting
  • Expert-led by Dr. Kelly Donahue (clinical health psychologist)
  • Support from others with chronic pain

Do you have questions? 

I'm happy to answer them and help you determine if this would be a good fit for you. Email me at [email protected]

Healing Chronic Pain Skills & Support Group

You've tried doctors, treatments, medications, and maybe even groups. This group is different. You get the SKILLS, COACHING, and SUPPORT that actually work to help you feel better. 

I'm ready for the Skills, Coaching, & Support to Feel Better for Only $49 per Group!