Rewire your brain to heal the pain

I'm ready to get out of pain!

You are beyond frustrated with being in constant, chronic pain.

You've seen all the specialists.

You've taken medications.

You've had procedures.

You've spent so much money.

Your relationships have suffered.

You are afraid of being active.

You have a difficult time working.

Your world has become smaller.

You've been told "it's all in your head."

You've exhausted options and don't know what to do next.

There's hope...The Healing Chronic Pain Mastercourse!

Most treatments focus on the body, but pain is processed in the BRAIN.

The Healing Chronic Pain Mastercourse helps you understand why re-wiring the brain's pathway for thoughts, emotions, and pain signals is the KEY to pain relief. 

Negative thoughts, uprocessed negative emotions, inactivity, and lack of joy fuel the pain cycle.

Once new pathways in the brain are rewired by changing the way you think, process emotions, and move for fun (which is eaiser than it sounds!), the pain loop is no longer activated.

The Healing Chronic Pain Mastercourse Contains All The Tools You Need To Rewire Your Brain for Less Pain

  • An integrated approach using the best of pain science, cognitive behavioral tools, mind-body medicine, nutrition, and self care.
  • 10 expert-created modules that contain over 6 hours of guided tutorials based on experience working with hundreds of pain clients.
  • Worksheets, exercises, and resources to integrate the material and rewire your brain.
  • 8 five-minute audio meditations to turn off the stress response and help you heal.
  • Resources for each module.
  • Downloads of all the material to stay with you wherever you are.
  • Complete this on your own time, working with your schedule.
  • Instant access to the course, and the materials are yours for a lifetime!

All of this for only $299 with lifetime access and a money-back guarantee!

I'm ready to get out of pain!


You can feel better...

Imagine sleeping through the night and waking because of sunlight rather than shooting pain.

Imagine planning your day based on what YOU WANT to do rather than what pain allows you to do.

Imagine having the energy to play with your grandchildren/children, to go out with friends, to read a book without the distraction of pain, or to try a new hobby. 

What would you do if your days weren't ruled by pain?



This course can help people with all kinds of pain to include:

back pain



neck pain


piriformis syndrome

trigeminal neuralgia


unexplained numbness/tingling


interstitial cystitis

For only $299, the Healing Chronic Pain Mastercourse will help you...


Learn how chronic pain develops and why you're stuck in a chronic pain cycle. Learn the science-backed skills to stop pain.


Integrate the infomation with practical exercises, worksheets, journaling, resources, and audio meditations.


Use the information and skills to start living again. Returning to the things you like in your life rewires the connections in your brain for less pain!

"Dr. Kelly's approach made so much sense to me. I didn't realize how much my anger was connected to my back pain."

John T.

Healing Chronic Pain Mastercourse

Rewire your brain to heal the pain with simple to follow guided videos and resources designed by an expert with over 15 years of experience.

Get out of pain for only $299.

30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

I'm ready to get out of pain!

About Dr. Kelly

In graduate school and then later in life again, I developed low back pain, hip pain, neck pain, piriformis syndrome, and acid reflux. I saw numerous doctors and specialists, had multiple treatments, spent thousands of dollars that I didn't have, and was still left in pain. My nervous system was in stress overdrive! That all changed when I learned about cognitive behavioral therapy and mind-body medicine. I used techniques like the ones in this course to get out of pain and back into my life. I now live and move freely. What a feeling!

I'm a clinical health psychologist and mind-body expert.

Invest in Yourself

You can rewire your brain for less pain for only $299.

I'm ready for the Healing Chronic Pain Mastercourse!