Brain-Body- Behavior Guide to Reducing Nighttime Eating


Are you "good" all day only to find yourself eating ALL THE THINGS after dinner?

Are you sick of telling yourself, "Tomorrow will be different," only to repeat the night eating cycle?

Ready to eat healthy food and not feel the need to snack uncontrollably at night?


After coaching hundreds of clients, we know that night eating negatively impacts so many areas of life including self-esteem, weight, relationships, friendships, work, and more.


Stopping your night eating is 100% a set of skills that YOU CAN LEARN!

I'm ready to stop night eating!
We've taught our clients these skills, and we've seen them regain a sense of control, lose weight, increase self-esteem, and pursue new passions...all from creating new habits around night eating. 


Our clients are smart and successful. Many of them have great lives...yet they are hindered by feeling out of control of their eating and their attempts at losing weight are sabotaged by the calories they consume at night.
We are on a mission to help you learn the skills you need to regain control of your eating, stop obsessing over what you are going to eat next, and end the cycle of regret about what you ate last night. 

We're letting you in on the secret to end nighttime eating.


The problem ISN'T's your SYSTEM.

Your current system is setting you up to eat at night.

Learn a new system. Break the cycle.

Let us teach you how for only $49.

I'm ready to update my system!


  • waking up tomorrow without regret
  • not beating yourself up over what you ate last night
  • focusing on what's really important to you
  • eating healthy food during the day
  • feeling confident about your food choices
  • ending nightly trips to the fridge or pantry
  • feeling full and satisfied after dinner

All of this is possible for you with the B3 Guide to Reducing Nighttime Eating!


We teach you all the tools you need with our expert Brain-Body-Behavior approach.


Learn how your mindset can be contributing to nighttime eating and how you can shift your mindset during the day to see changes in eating at night. You'll also learn how perfectionism thinking (even though it feels like it should help you) is setting you up for more nighttime eating. We'll show you how to shift that.


We experience and store emotions in our body, but most of us were not taught how to experiece and express those emotions. This is a vital skill because so much of nighttime eating happens to create or escape an emotion. With these tools, you no longer have to use food to cope with emotions.


You'll learn about the most important behaviors to curb nighttime eating to include adequate, restful sleep; creating self-care time; and the food you should be eating and avoiding for help with nighttime eating. You'll also learn how to set up your fridge and pantry to make healthy eating easier for day and night.

Stop Nighttime Eating!

Here's what you get for only $49...

  • The tools that we (the experts!) use with our own clients (worksheets, cheat sheets, diagrams, videos, and more!)
  • ​Expert-led video instruction on how to use the tools so you aren't left to figure it out on your own
  • ​Simple steps to restructure your day to eliminate your night eating habit
  • ​Go-to self-care tools that fit into your schedule in as little as 2-minutes a day so you aren't exhausted at night
  • Research-backed cognitive-behavioral techniques to understand and then BREAK the night-eating cycle
  • ​Powerful sleep hacks to improve your sleep so you don't crave sugar to give you energy at night

"Night eating is a serious issue. This program quickly gave me active, useful tips and that I have used to improve my eating!"

Jan B.
B3 Guide to Nighttime Eating User

B3 Guide to Reducing Nighttime Eating

We've helped hundreds of people learn the simple and effective tools to stop nighttime eating. Now it's your turn. 

It's time for a REAL change.

It's time to take care of you. 

Invest in a solution. Invest in yourself.

Only $49.

Satisfaction guaranteed or 100% money back for the first 30 days. No questions asked.

I'm ready to stop the nighttime eating cycle!

About Your Instructor

Dr. Kelly Donahue

I'm a clinical health psychologist and mind-body expert. I'm also a working mom running a business and dealing with the busy-ness of life. I am no stranger to nighttime eating. When stress is too much, it shows up in my eating patterns. I get out of the stress response and stop the nighttime eating using the same brain-body-behavior tools that I teach in this course and use with my clients.