Weight and Self-Care Support Group for Women

Support for Navigating the Challenges of Weight Loss and Self-Care 


This twice monthly live, virtual support group helps you build awareness around emotional eating and other factors related to eating and weight and provides you with the support and understanding you need to shift thoughts and behaviors. Coping mechanisms like emotional eating continue to happen because they work, temporarily, to help you feel better. When we acknowledge how food helps us rather than shaming ourselves for doing something that our system has learned makes us feel better, we can then start to shift the behavior!

In this group, we work with you over time to identify your emotions, to help you accept the emotion, and to process the emotion in a healthy way. We also talk about the environments (physical, people, work,  etc.) that facilitate healthy behaviors including eating and self-care.

You aren't alone in this! Join us to get support for changing eating and self-care behaviors!

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We discuss the reasons that emotional eating and weight gain (or inability to lose weight) happen (HINT: It's our body's way of helping us survive!), help you develop awareness around negative thoughts and behaviors, and introduce you to the tools you can use to start shifting those patterns.


We host TWO live coaching and support video calls each month. You get my 15+ years of experience working with clients just like you to help you identify barriers, answer questions specific to your situation, make real changes, and get support from other women just like you.


During each call, after we've worked through a realistic, logical next step for you, you can commit to what feels right. We'll follow up with you at the next meeting to see how it went and brainstorm any barriers you encountered along the way. And no judgment! This is all a learning process.

Your Guide: Dr. Kelly Forys Donahue

  • Clinical Health Psychologist
  • Advanced Training in Mind-Body Medicine
  • Advanced Training in Nutrition for Mental Health
  • Over 15 years of experience in individual and group work, public health, and research with eating challenges
  • Personal experience with emotional eating

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I'm happy to answer your questions and help determine if this group is a good fit for you.

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The Modern Psychologists:

Weight and Self-Care Support Group for Women

It's time to take care of you. 
It's time to drop the shame, blame, and guilt around emotional eating, weight, and taking time to care for ourselves.

Invest in yourself. Only $79/month for 2 live, virtual coaching and support meetings every month.

Meetings are held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 12-1pm EST via ZOOM.

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