The world is changing.


And so are we.

We are upleveling our offers and services in 2021.

The Healthy Change School will soon be REALize Health.

We know you're frustrated because you understand the importance of health, you know what to do to improve your health, but you struggle to DO those things consistently in your life.

We get it.

We developed REALlize Health to help you REALize your full potential. We're working hard to bring you:

REAL tools

based on REAL science

to make a REAL and sustainable difference in your health and life.

REALize Health is different.

At REALize Health, we start upstream from the healthy changes and outcomes you want. We teach you to use psychological principles to define the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of making sustainable change. Then, we dive into the health content and make it stick without the struggle. With support. With empathy.

The REALize Health Approach:


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