The world is changing.


And so are we.

We are upleveling our offers and services in 2021.

HCS is about to become REALize Health.


Crafted by experienced health psychologists, REALize Health is the single platform where you can take online courses, get live coaching, and be part of a virtual community that teaches you to finally answer the question:

Why don't I do what I know I "should" do? 

We are producing content and creating membership options that range from small, one-time options to year-long memberships.

We hope you join us!

Kelly Donahue, PhD and Robyn Pashby, PhD
(Clinical Health Psychologists)

REALize Health is different.

At REALize Health, we don't give you diets to follow. We don't ask you to stop wanting to change. We help you stop pinballing between diets or restriction and HAES or body positivity pressure. And we help you REALize your full physical and mental health potential.
 As psychologists, we help you REALize that the path towards total health starts upstream of the healthy changes and outcomes you want. It starts with the Foundations. We teach you to use psychological principles to define the WHY, WHAT, and HOW of making sustainable change. Then, we dive into the health content and make it stick without the struggle.
With expertise.
With support.
With empathy.

The REALize Health Approach


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