Healing Chronic Pain Ongoing Support Group

The Tools and Support You Need to Heal Chronic Pain and Chronic Health Conditions.


This twice monthly group provides you with support from an expert facilitator who has experienced chronic pain first-hand and a group of caring individuals with chronic conditions who understand the challenges of living wtih chronic pain.

In our group meetings, we discuss research-based strategies and tools to reduce pain and improve well-being. We also talk about how to navigate relationships, friendships, work, and the future while living with chronic conditions. Support, understanding, and being heard are healing tools in and of themselves.

The Benefits of Joining the Group...


The science of healing pain is rapidly evolving. We are on the pulse of the research and translate the science into practical steps you can take in your own life. The science shows that healing pain is a holistic process, so we'll discuss self-talk, cognitive-behavioral strategies, the mind-body connection, sleep, movement, hobbies, and finding joy. 


We host TWO live coaching and support video calls each month. You get my 15+ years of experience working with clients just like you PLUS my knowledge of my own healing chronic journey to help you identify barriers, answer questions specific to your situation, make real changes, and get support from people who really understand.


During each meeting, after we've discussed next steps that might be useful to you, you can commit to an intention or small positive change that feels right. We'll follow up with you at the next meeting to see how it went and brainstorm any barriers you encountered along the way. And no judgment! This is all a learning process.

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I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions. I really liked seeing everybody each week and I learned a lot. I hope everyone does well in their journey! Thank you Dr. Kelly for a great time.


I highly recommend the group for people experiencing chronic pain. It is anchored by up-to-date evidenced based research, provides many tools and resources that can be used immediately and serves as both a support and accountability group. The evidence based foundation makes this a really worthwhile use of your time and helps you to optimize how you manage. Make the investment!

Your Guide: Dr. Kelly Donahue

  • Clinical Health Psychologist
  • Advanced Training in Psychophysiologic Pain
  • Advanced Training in Mind-Body Medicine
  • Advanced Training in Nutrition for Mental Health
  • Over 15 years of experience in individual and group work, public health, and research
  • Former chronic pain sufferer

Do you have questions? 

I'm happy to answer your questions and help determine if this group is a good fit for you.

Email me at [email protected]

Healing Chronic Pain Ongoing Support Group

You're sick of the pain and its constant impact on your life.

You're tired of not getting the help you need from providers or well-meaning family and friends who just don't understand.

We understand. We are here for you.

Invest in ongoing support. Invest in yourself. Only $79/month for two live, virtual coaching and support meetings every month.

Group meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month from noon-1:00pm (Eastern).