This 12-week Virtual Binge Eating Skill Building & Support Group For Adult Women is Right For You if:


you sometimes feel out of control around food


you often ask yourself "Why did I just eat that?"
you 'obsess' over the cookies or chips in the cabinet or ice cream in the freezer
and/or you feel like you can't keep certain food in the house without eating it all


Devote 1-hour a week to yourself:

Learn skills

Get support

Make lasting change


You deserve it.


Even if the word "binge" freaks you out but you experience out of control eating, this group is for you. We will work together to de-stigmatize this eating behavior and reduce the shame you may feel. Only when you let go of shame can you truly begin to change.

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Learn and practice science-informed tools to manage your binge, emotional or out of control eating with the support and encouragement of others. 

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What to expect?

Week 1: Introductions, information and education about binge and emotional eating

Weeks 2-8: Skill building for change and support

Weeks 9-10: Practice, problem solving and support

Weeks 11 & 12: Relapse planning and wrap up

Start feeling better. 

Binge eating is a cycle that can be interrupted.

Learn the tools, get support, make the change.

Depending on enrollment, group will begin September 2021 and will be held via ZOOM from 12pm-1pm EST every Thursday for 12 consecutive weeks.

Affordably priced at only $49 USD per 1-hour meeting!

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