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You understand health is important. 

You know what to do to be healthier. 


It's time to REALize your full potential

with a complete system . 


What do you want from REALize Health?

Three core principles separate the REALize Health program
from all the others:

Motivation, Mindset & Mode

Crafted by experienced health psychologists, REALize Health is a membership program and virtual community that harnesses the power of motivation, mindset & mode to help women like you make REAL change for better health.


You don't have to live at the mercy of your motivation.

You can assess, monitor and take control of your motivation. Learn to find your deepest why to achieve your fullest potential.


Your mindset is your biggest barrier to better health.

What you think and say to yourself determines your actions. Learn to reinvent your mindset to change your behavior for good.


You haven't failed; your mode has failed you. 

Your mode is comprised of your habits, patterns and systems. Learn to optimize how you do things to make sustainable change a reality.

With REALize Health,

you will learn to live like you love your body, so you can love your life. 

What are you waiting for? Join the others who have REALized change is possible.

"I just wanted to say thank you for being so good at what you do and changing my life for the better." - AG


Apply your updated motivation, mindset and mode to help you sustainably manage your weight and maximize your health.

We'll help you find a weight that works for you AND help you keep it there. 

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Sleep is the single most important behavior you can master to improve your health. We've got you covered so you can wake up refreshed.


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Stress and Anxiety

Stress levels have never been higher. If left unchecked, stress and anxiety can cause disease, weight gain, chronic pain and more. With the REALize Health tools, you can regain control and re-engage in life. 

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Hi! We're glad you're here. 

Meet the creators of REALize Health.

We're Ph.D. licensed clinical health psychologists and certified health coaches, moms of humans and dogs, colleagues and friends. 


Dr. Kelly Donahue and Dr. Robyn Pashby


We created REALize Health because we are fed up with unsustainable programs and plans being sold as solutions to serious health problems.

Start fresh. Start here.

Get REAL about your health.

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It's time to move beyond knowing, beyond understanding and into REALizing sustained change.



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